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JPS Illustrated Children's Bible

By Ellen Frankel PhD (author), Avi Katz (illustrator)

Thanks to Stanley and Marcia Katz and members of the Levine and Frankel families for making publication of this book possible.

A 2009 National Jewish Book Award Winner, Illustrated Children's Books and a Finalist in the category of Jewish Family Literature

A 2010 Sydney Taylor Book Award Notable Book for Readers of All Ages

Jewish Bible stories retold as never before!

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Q & A with Ellen Frankel

From the first sentence, it’s clear we’re reading a translation that’s both old-school and vibrant … Frankel’s storytelling captures the hearts of these stories. The Torah has remarkable techniques for setting scenes and crackling dialogue, much of which, in other Bibles, gets lost in a sea of thees and thous. Frankel clips the exact right parts in her retellings, communicating the essence of the story without getting clogged with details. …As an adult — and someone who doesn’t always understand the original text — the “Illustrated Children’s Bible” works exceedingly well for me." - Matthue Roth, The Forward

With his enticing, full-page color illustrations of each Bible story, award-winning artist Avi Katz ignites readers’ imaginations. His brush captures the vivid personalities and many dramatic moments in this extraordinary collection.”- Jewish Book World

“…it is a beautiful, enchanting, enhancing, exciting, thrilling, dramatic, and electrifyingly rich book.” - Canadian Jewish News

"Lavish and awash in colour, the stories are presented as though written on parchment with a luminosity all of their own ... the JPS Illustrated Children’s Bible is a treasure that will stand the test of time for generations to come. Don’t miss it!” -- Ottawa Jewish Bulletin

The flow and excitement of even the simplest story is likely a result of Ellen Fankel’s judicious use of language, her clear judgment, and her admonition to herself “not to get in the Bible’s Way.”- Jewish News of Southeastern Virginia

Praise for the JPS Illustrated Children’s Bible:

“An enchanting, beautiful book … The JPS Illustrated Children's Bible is … sure to draw in young people while providing them with an accurate and dynamic understanding of the Bible. And Avi Katz's illustrations just entice and pull in the reader again and again.” —Rabbi Joseph Telushkin, author of A Code of Jewish Ethics, Jewish Literacy, and many other books

“The JPS Illustrated Children's Bible… will seed many children's memories and nourish their senses of wonder, curiosity, and history… This volume is a treasure for the generations!” —Peninnah Schram, professor of speech and drama at Yeshiva University's Stern College and Azrieli Graduate School, storyteller, recording artist, and author

“Ellen Frankel has succeeded in restoring the story to the most famous book of stories … Here, at last, the voice of storyteller rises up from the page and draws us into the mystery and beauty of the core stories of Jewish tradition … luminous illustrations by Avi Katz … bring these stories to life.” —Howard Schwartz, author of Leaves from the Garden of Eden: One Hundred Classic Jewish Tales and Tree of Souls: The Mythology of Judaism, 2005 winner of the National Jewish Book Award

Acclaimed storyteller and Jewish scholar Ellen Frankel has masterfully tailored 53 Bible stories that will both delight and educate today’s young readers. Using the 1985 JPS translation (NJPS) of the Hebrew Bible as her foundation, Frankel retains much of the Bible’s original wording and simple narrative style as she incorporates her own exceptional storytelling technique, free of personal interpretation or commentary.

Included in the volume is an “Author’s Notebook,” in which Frankel shares with rabbis, parents, and educators the challenges she faced in translating and adapting these stories for children, such as how she deals with adult language in the original Bible text and themes inappropriate for most young readers.

With his enticing, full-page color illustrations of each Bible story, award-winning artist Avi Katz ignites readers’ imaginations. His brush captures the vivid personalities and many dramatic moments in this extraordinary collection.

Avi Katz and JPS are grateful to TaL AM for granting permission to reprint three illustrations from the TaL AM Tora Breshit Notebook series.

Comprehensive Teacher�s Guide written by the author, available for viewing and free download:

About Ellen Frankel PhD

Ellen Frankel is the former CEO and editor-in-chief of The Jewish Publication Society. A scholar of Jewish midrash and folklore, Frankel has published a number of books, including the forthcoming JPS Illustrated Children's Bible; The Classic Tales: 4000 Years of Jewish Lore; The Encyclopedia of Jewish Symbols; The Five Books of Miriam: A Woman’s Commentary on the Torah; The Jewish Spirit; and The Illustrated Hebrew Bible.

Frankel travels widely as a storyteller and lecturer. Her speech topics include ''The History of Jewish Books in the US,'' ''Jewish Culture and the Book,'' ''Stories they Never Told me in Sunday School,'' ''Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My! Animals in the Bible'' and many other topics.

Willing to Travel, Honorarium Negotiable

About Avi Katz

Avi Katz was born in Philadelphia and moved to Israel at age 20, where he graduated from the Bezalel Art Academy. He has been the illustrator of the Jerusalem Report since its first issue in 1990, and is active in the Cartooning for Peace program. He has illustrated over 150 books in Israel and the U.S. and has received the IBBY Hans Christian Andersen Honors (four times) and Israel’s Ze’ev Prize (eight times).